Satoshi Master of Disguise
The many looks of Satoshi


Blockchain Comics presents 'Satoshi - Master of Disguise'(SMoD). The first NFT comic series where the story changes based on the features of your NFT. Harvesting the power of Immutable X(IMX) and their exclusive comic book portal, each of the 10,000 SMoD Avatars will generate their own unique comic book series. Placing the distribution, minting and publishing rights in the hands of each smod holder. We aim to innovate comic books for the crypto space and forge a legacy in NFT history.

Satoshi in Rome

The Blockchain Needs A Hero!

As centralized powers cast a shadow of greed and despair over all walks of life, blockchain technology became a beacon of hope for those in the know.

Fearing the inevitable revolution, the powers took swift and ruthless action, proceeding to squash the aspiration of blockchain enthusiasts through aggressive propaganda and ruthless market manipulation. Huddling together, they hatched plans, to infiltrate the blockchain using it to enslave rather than inspire. Their ultimate goal... to obliterate all traces of this digital renaissance from the face of the earth.

Defi was dead, stablecoins unpegged and NFTs shamed as billionaires grave danced through their centralized media platforms to rejoice. Cackling and sneering, they vilified those brave enough to dream of a financial system beyond the claws of corruption

Blockchain became unspeakable, a taboo word and a stark reminder to know your place and stay in line.

When all was said and done, one question lingered... Satoshi? Where was he? Was he even real? ... Try as they may to install their own puppet inventor to the blockchain throne... The people believed the real blockchain inventor was still out there.

Slowly sightings started to emerge from all corners of the globe. A disguised figure, preaching forgotten values was gaining a humble following. Nervous whispers in the street spread like wildfire.

Satoshi was back to finish what he started!

Satoshi Master of Disguise


SMOD NFT examples

To evade the centralized powers, he has become 'Satoshi - Master of Disguise.' SMOD NFTs, the only evidence of our hero in existence, are randomly generated on 6 different layers from 185 possible traits; sky, location, head, body, mouth, and eyes. Each layer has options of rarity, which in turn will lead to a multitude of different rarities in the combined nfts. This multilayer minting technology is based on IMX to maximize smod utility and scalability.

S.M.O.D. Rarity

Each of your 6 smod features fall into 1 of 5 levels of rarity; undercover, mysterious, incognito, nameless, and ghost. The rarity of your smod features will dictate the scarcity of your comic book elements. With over 15,000 possible combinations, your smod will be the star of your very own unique comic series.

S.M.O.D. Utility

Blockchain Comics have developed multi-layer minting technology on imx to optimize smod utility. One of the most significant utilities is the comic series - your smod NFT will grant you access to a truly unique comic book series. Every aspect of your story will be subject to the 5 levels of rarity, creating variations in artwork, dialogue, and other special features.

Try it out below!
SMOD NFT examples
SMOD NFT examples
SMOD NFT examples
Satoshi Master of Disguise
Satoshi Master of Disguise
Satoshi Master of Disguise
Satoshi Master of Disguise

Decentralized publishing - As an owner of a unique NFT comic series, you will be empowered to monetize your comics by minting digital and printing physical copies. This will allow you to control the scarcity of your own comic series. As all transactions from your Satoshi will be transparent, you will have control over your SMOD's NFT comic legacy.

Community Vote - We believe that community is the backbone of any successful NFT project. As a SMOD holder, you will be at the frontier of an NFT Revolution. Within the Blockchain Comics portal parameters need to be established. You will have your say in determining the rules and regulations of an OG utility hub.

The future of Blockchain Comics - Satoshi is only the beginning, lurking in the shadows, enemies are plotting his downfall! He will need all the help he can get. Blockchain comics is an ever expanding NFT ecosystem. Satoshi will soon be joined by other familiar faces in avatar form. All interacting together with their own rarity, further enhancing the uniqueness of your comic series.

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