The Master of Disguise!

Satoshi really is a master of disguise!
Satoshi - Master of Disguise (SMoD)

Blockchain Comics presents
'Satoshi: Master of Disguise' (SMoD)

A new NFT comic adventure coming to the crypto-verse. SMoD is a collection of 10,000 unique avatars showing the sightings of our Blockchain superhero. Your Satoshi will be randomly generated on six layers from an array of 185 possible traits, all with assigned rarity. Navigating the superhighways of the Layer 2 Immutable X blockchain, SMoD NFT's can be minted with ZERO Gas costs and instantly, allowing for incredible utility without the horrible fees.

Are you ready to be part of Satoshi's revolution? Sign up for the whitelist to reserve your spot in the sale. All those that sign up also receive a limited run free airdrop.

These future artifacts show our hero's epic quest as he strives for a better tomorrow for all of humanity. SMoD avatars are the only clues in existence to our hero's true identity and are best placed in the trusted hands of community members.

Work together in the discord safe house to solve the hunt for elusive grab bags Satoshi has kindly stashed around the world for his followers. Future perks open up for the holders and active resistance members.

Fair Distribution

Satoshi believes in equality and fairness for all (though he also rewards the eager), so buying a Satoshi NFT costs 0.07 ETH. Signing up to the resistance whitelist gives early supporters special treats upon completion of the sale and the opportunity to purchase Satoshi for a special price of 0.035 ETH. Hurry up! Spaces are limited, check discord for more announcements..


In order for Satoshi to survive, he must be elusive. Luckily he is a master of disguise. His disguises range from 185 possible traits, locations, headwear, eyewear, clothing, and more, each determining their rarity.

The SMoD's are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Immutable X blockchain and hosted on IPFS, resulting in rapid transactions and Low Gas Fees - Less than a loaf of bread! Satoshi believes everyone should be able to interact with the blockchain, it's not for the Elites alone. Purchasing a SMoD costs 0.07 ETH with a limit of 20 per wallet.

Ownership of your SMoD includes creative and commercial rights of your Satoshi, as well as initiation into THE RESISTANCE.

No matter where, Satoshi always blends seemlessly with his surroundings!
No matter where, Satoshi always blends seemlessly with his surroundings!


Stage 4

  • Satoshi comes alive as the metaverse launches!
  • First avatar interactive comic books launch.
  • Blockchain Comic book store goes live.

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Stage 3

  • The Blockchain Comic portal opens.
  • Launch of ‘Satoshi Master of Disguise’ comic #1.
  • All SMoD holders will receive a limited edition airdrop

Stage 2

  • The game begins, unlock Satoshi’s stash bags
  • Community activities and challenges.
  • Merchandise store opens with giveaways!

Stage 1

  • Resistance whitelist opens - Join Discord for more details.
    • Community Discord opens.
    • 25% of sale completion - Ethereum giveaway to active members of the discord community
    • 50% of sale completion - Community challenges with Ethereum rewards
    • 75% of sale completion - Every SMoD owner will receive an airdrop.
    • 100% of sale completion - Community challenges with Ethereum rewards


Blockchain Comics LTD want to reshape comic books for the NFT space. We love traditional comic books and do not believe NFTs will replace the physical copies of issue #1 of some of the greatest characters of all time. We do believe that the NFT space is crying out for new superheroes that reflect the crazy times we live in particularly in the crypto space. Something that can provide genuine social commentary on the superpowers that can exist within the Defi world and the evils that will try to suppress them.

Satoshi is just the beginning and other familiar crypto characters will be modified along the way. However,like all superheroes, the real power is in the people. The fully scalable IMX layer 2 blockchain is the perfect setting to involve our community in determining the fate of our characters. As the NFT space grows we will continue to push boundaries ensuring that our projects have longevity in the NFT space.

Once the whitelist is confirmed the countdown will go live. Check back every now and again on the website to see the countdown timer tick away the minutes to the opening of signup. The launch date will be announced through all social media channels, be prepared.

Immutable X is an Ethereum layer 2 blockchain offering vastly superior scalability to its father, Ethereum. This results in lightning fast transactions with zero emissions. We believe Layer 2 blockchains are the future for the ever expanding NFT market. As Minting on IMX requires no gas fees, each Satoshi layer will be minted separately to make your NFT image. This technology will allow for your Satoshi to be fully adaptable for the adventure that Blockchain Comics will take you on. Stay tuned for some of our latest developments and be a part of the project on Discord.

Satoshi NFT’s will be available for purchase on our website through an initial sale. At the time of purchase, a randomly selected Satoshi NFT will be minted on the blockchain and delivered to your wallet.

Each SMoD is algorithmically generated by combining 185 properties with varying rarities in 6 categories (Location, Background, eyewear, Mouth, Shirts, headwear)

That is for the Resistance to decide... So signup on the whitelist and make sure you get your say in the future!

Due to the danger to Satoshi and in order to help him avoid capture by the Special Enforcement Control, details of his escape into the wild will be released later!